Your First Home: A Starter Kit on Home Maintenance

December 23, 2020

Being a first-time homeowner can come with a slew of new experiences and unexpected dilemmas. In fact, for first-time home buyers, understanding the importance of proper home maintenance is key. As a result, getting a leg up by equipping yourself with the proper knowledge to be a great homeowner can really make all the difference. When you first purchase a home, it can be intimidating to keep it properly maintained. Here is a helpful guide to ensure you are the best homeowner out there and the best steps to take when it comes to effectively and efficiently maintaining your humble abode. 

Your First Home: A Starter Kit on Home Maintenance

In fact, for first-time home buyers, understanding the importance of proper home maintenance is key.

Inspecting And Changing Out HVAC Filters

On a monthly basis, you should definitely take a peek at your HVAC filters. In fact, doing so can end up saving your home in the long run. The reality is, clean HVAC filters really do make all the difference. While most homes traditionally need their HVAC filters changed every two to three months but it doesn’t hurt to keep your eye on them monthly. This way, if one month requires a change out earlier than expected, you will be aware of the situation and won’t end up ruining your HVAC system down the line. 

Inspecting All Fire Extinguishers

Also, monthly, you should be sure to inspect all your fire extinguishers. In fact, a simple fire extinguisher inspection is easy but incredibly important to do for all homeowners — particularly new ones. As a result, being conscious of how to inspect fire extinguishers and know what to look out for can provide you with the proper maintenance tips you need to be a wonderful first-time homeowner. 

Testing Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These are integral to a healthy and safe home. In fact, every year, you should get your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tested. This will ensure you have a safe and secure home free of smoke or carbon monoxide. 

Bottom Line

There is nothing better than being a great homeowner — especially for those who have purchased their home for the first time ever. In fact, brand new homeowners will undoubtedly experience new problems and face unexpected home challenges. The last thing you want to do is fail at how you maintain your home — particularly the little things that you can easily do regularly to properly maintain your home effectively and efficiently. 

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