Tips for Streamlining the Small Kitchen in Your New Construction Home

March 25, 2021
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Suppose you can only afford to place a small kitchen in your home – what can you do with it?

How large is your budget? After you’ve put a hefty down payment for your home, your funds are probably pretty low. When it comes to buying a house, you’ll need all the money you can get. It’s also a good idea to set aside cash for furnishing each room. Appliances and fixtures are vital parts of any kitchen, so you cannot ignore them. Suppose you can only afford to place a small kitchen in your home – what can you do with it?

Pick the Right Color Palettes 

The canny use of color can make a tremendous difference. In this case, select lighter, more vibrant colors for your small kitchen. Brighter shades tend to reflect light instead of absorbing it, which also helps light up your kitchen. The paint shouldn’t be the only element you think about, either. Pay some attention to the backsplashes, countertops, islands, and floors.

Capitalize on the Available Sunlight 

By leaning on natural light, you can cut back on your energy bills. Sunlight and moonlight add their own sense of ambiance to your kitchen. That’s why more energy-efficient windows make sense here. Don’t dismiss the notion of adding skylights – it can also bring in more light from outside, allowing you to experiment with the look-and-feel of your home.

Choose Open Shelving Instead 

It’s easy to think that open shelving won’t make much of a difference. In actuality, it can. Open shelves could potentially contribute to clutter – but only if you approach it without focusing on neatness and flow. Display shelves with colorful and eye-catching items serve to make your small kitchen feel more cheerful and less cramped at the same time.

Avoiding Cluttering the Counters with Appliances

Some clutter is normal. After all, even in a newly-built custom home, you shouldn’t feel like you live in a museum. That’s part of the reason why you need to be selective with the appliances you bring into the kitchen. Small kitchens might lack sufficient counter space, leaving you without enough room to create a Michelin-rated meal, let alone a quick sandwich wrap. Allow commonly-used appliances to stay where they are. Consider downsizing a little bit – say, French presses instead of bulky coffeemakers – and put away the devices you find yourself ignoring. For anything that is broken or has outlived its usefulness, find a way to dispose of them. Either donate them to friends and family or toss them out of your life entirely! 

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