Tips for Building an Energy Efficient Custom Home

October 8, 2021
Tips for Building an Energy Efficient Custom Home gnu homes

Building an energy-efficient custom home benefits the environment and creates long-term savings and comfort for you.

When you build a new custom home, you have the freedom to include what you want in terms of the floorplan, finishes, and other features that you will live with on a daily basis. You also have the chance to optimize your energy efficiency. Building an energy-efficient custom home benefits the environment and creates long-term savings and comfort for you. Incorporating eco-friendly features will reduce utility bills keep your home warm so that you can stay comfortable. Here are some tips for building an energy efficient custom home.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Adequate insulation is one of the best ways to optimize your custom home to be energy-efficient. When your home is insulated correctly, it prevents drafts and keeps the air inside it for maximum impact. Insulation also stops the air and moisture outside from entering your home. This helps regulate the indoor temperature and allows your HVAC system to maintain a consistent temperature. Additionally, wrapping and insulating your hot water pipes can help your water heater perform more efficiently.

Seal all Air Leaks

When your home is being built, be sure that the construction crew seals all the holes and gaps in the ductwork, around window frames, at the joints, and around any other spaces that might allow air to flow in and out of your home. Sealing all these air leaks is essential to reducing drafts, which means your air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Consider Solar Panels

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular and widespread in recent years. Solar panels can be installed on custom homes and used to cut energy costs for years to come significantly. Even if you do have to use your HVAC system, supplementing your electricity usage with solar panels can provide significant energy savings.

Energy Efficient Windows

High-quality, energy-saving windows are great for keeping out extreme temperatures while keeping the indoor temperature comfortable. These windows tend to be more expensive than regular windows as they are of higher quality, but they can help save your energy bills over time. Fiberglass and vinyl window frames are good insulators, as they have air pockets that can be filled with insulation. Look for Energy Star windows for your custom home; these windows will help lower your energy bills and save money as opposed to windows with single-pane or double-paned clear glass.

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