Spruce Up Your Custom Home Landscaping This Spring!

March 18, 2021
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Without a beautiful and lush yard, your custom home landscaping project won’t reach its full potential.

March is almost over. Before long, it’ll be April again. If you’re a fervent fan of college basketball, then you know that March Madness is back. As the last gasps of winter recede, turn your attention to your home’s landscape. It could feel like a month-long tournament just to brighten everything up; this spring, it’s time to dance! 

Revitalize Your Lawn’s Grass 

The first thing you’ll want to do is revive your grass. Without a beautiful and lush yard, your custom home landscaping project won’t reach its full potential. Take the time to spread out new grass seeds. After all, the seeds you already had probably didn’t appreciate the recent lingering cold snap. Some construction companies could give you the seed you need, but not always! 

Rejuvenate Your Garden’s Crops 

Return to your garden. Even if it is only a modest plot, you’ll be able to cultivate your fruits, veggies, flowers, and shrubs! Flowers and vines can all inject some personality into your home’s exterior appearance. Curb appeal is especially important when you’re living in a new construction development – you’ll want something special to help you stand out from your neighbors! Distinctive touches such as this will also allow first-time visitors (once it is safe to do so again, of course) to find your house without having to rely on unusual window shutter colors or other notable landscaping features,

Perk Up the Front Porch 

The warm and sunny days that April, May, and June bring are perfect for lounging on the porch. Whether you’ve plied yourself with lemonade and a good book, or you just want to sit and relax in a rocking chair, the choice is yours! A wraparound porch gives you more room to enjoy your time outdoors. Finding the right furniture for this part of your home is also essential. 

Reopen the Outdoor Kitchen 

Your indoor kitchen is bound to be your pride and joy. Even so, the outdoor kitchen is another fantastic upgrade in terms of home landscaping possibilities. The backyard could be missing something – so take your deck or patio to the next level! Can you prove yourself to be an elite chef? 

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