Jones Falls Valley: Redfern Row

June 11, 2020

Published by the Baltimore Sun.

The brick townhomes, striped with blue and cream cement panels, rise over the dead end of Redfern Avenue in the Medfield neighborhood of Baltimore.

The 15-home development, offering contemporary design with a nod to the area’s industrial past, is the kind of place Luke Yorke-Hart said he would like to live.

That’s why he built it.

When the South African developer married a Baltimorean, they went looking for a house in the city.

“We went into an apartment outside of Hampden and fell in love with the area,” said Yorke-Hart, the CEO of Gnu Homes. “We realized everyone wants to live here, but some couldn’t find a new house with an open floor plan and all the amenities of a modern home.”

“This is how we started the business.”

Watch a video and read more at The Baltimore Sun.

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Gnu Homes is building Redfern Row, a 15-townhouse development in Medfield/Hampden, and has another development planned for nearby. (Amy Davis, Baltimore Sun video)

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