Is There Too Much Clutter in Your Home?

January 15, 2021

We believe that everyone is entitled to a comfy place to live. After all, it should just be a fundamental right that everybody can have a nice home of their own, even if it is relatively modest. One of the issues that plague many residential settings is the problem of clutter. You might be running up against the dilemma of insufficient storage for all of your clothes, shoes, knickknacks, electronics, and appliances. Focus on decluttering and make it a team effort if you must! 

Is There Too Much Clutter in Your Home?

A great strategy for removing clutter is to figure out a home for everything.

Put Everything in Its Right Place

A great strategy for removing clutter is to figure out a home for everything. In other words, put everything in the right place each time you are finished with it. That way, you will never be vexed by why you can’t find something – whether it’s as mundane as a can opener or as important as your keys when you’re running late for work. Don’t let your surfaces be consumed things just because you never remember to put them away – or in some cases, have no idea where they should go. 

Identify Where the Clutter Accumulates 

Another tactic you can use is by determining where the piles of stuff tend to congregate most frequently. Is it on the couch by the front door? The ottoman that doubles as a coffee table? In spare corners around coat closets and bookcases? One area of clutter inside a home is normal and is even to be expected. However, when the clutter is out of control, it becomes an embarrassment to the point where you don’t want visitors to enter, even for a few minutes.

Tidy Up Your Mail and Paperwork 

So with that in mind, start small. One good rule of thumb to follow is to keep your mail and paperwork organized. Let’s say that you’ve arranged a room in your house to serve as your home office. All of the mail can be sorted through and disposed of if you don’t need to hang onto it anymore. Likewise, do your best to digitize important documents such as tax forms or information related to your job that you can no longer commute to; filing folders and binders can be a real life-saver in such situations!

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