How You Can Use an Interior Decorator’s Savvy to Liven Up Your New Home

May 7, 2021
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What would an interior decorator do in this situation? It’s time to apply some of their wisdom to your new home!

Once you’ve managed to find the house that suits you, avoiding the pitfalls produced by tunnel vision no longer seems quite so straightforward. Historic homes, existing homes, and stick-built homes call for different approaches. What would an interior decorator do in this situation? It’s time to apply some of their wisdom!  

Generate a List of Tricky Questions 

The first time you see a set of blueprints, it’s easy to get caught up in the small details. Picking roofing shingles, siding materials, and where every last electrical socket should go can quickly get out of hand. Define your budget and stick to it as closely as you can. The numbers you devise will guide you and help dictate your choices in terms of materials and aesthetics. 

What furniture would you prefer to have? Do you have kids and pets? Would multipurpose rooms make sense for your lifestyle? Start here and come up with some quick answers to get the ball rolling.

Find Inspiration in Unexpected Places 

These days, curating an ideas-collection board is easier than ever before. While you had to organize scrapbooks of magazine cuttings in the past, now there are multiple smartphone apps and browser websites that can handle that for you. 

Watching home improvement shows on TV and parsing through Internet blogs and articles can give you an extra boost of inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or stuck. 

This so-called “mood board” will change as the home construction process continues. After all, even your best-laid plans could be affected by unpredictable variables such as bad weather, labor shortages, and supply chain delays.   

Exercise Flexibility As Your New Home Materializes

One more thing: we advise you to exercise some flexibility. Going with the flow is one of the easiest ways to minimize stress during each phase of the home building process. New homes won’t take shape overnight; sometimes, they’ll take months. 

Write down realistic measurements as more of the interiors come together. That way, you can get a better sense of the amount of floor space you’ll have for furniture, appliances, and fixtures. 

Don’t ignore the importance of taking vertical measurements as well, either. Without these figures, window curtains, bookshelves, and wall art will end up being placed incorrectly! 

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