Home Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

June 25, 2021
home maintenance tips for new homeowners

Building a home and a life for yourself and your loved ones is a major transition in life.

Buying a new home is a wonderful experience. Building a home and a life for yourself and your loved ones is a major transition in life. After you purchase your home, there are several things you need to keep track of. Maintenance includes everything from setting up electricity and internet to stocking your kitchen and landscaping. This can be very overwhelming for new homeowners. But you can avoid some costly mistakes by doing routine home maintenance that protects your investment. Here are some easy maintenance tips for all new homeowners.

What to Take Care of as Soon as You Move In

Once you get the keys to your new home, you should do a few essential things to ensure that your home is safe. It is recommended that you change your locks immediately because you never know who may have a key to your house! Also, make sure that you check and change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to know how often they need to be replaced. There should be a smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on every level of a house. Familiarize yourself with what breaker shuts off what element inside your house and label all the breakers if they are not already marked.

Drain Your Hot Water Heater

When moving into a new home, you may want to consider cleaning out your water heater. Over time, the sediments found in water will accumulate inside your water heater. If this buildup is not cleaned regularly, it can accumulate to the point of damaging your water heating system.

Check the HVAC Filters

Maintaining your heating, ventilation, and cooling systems is vital to keeping your home safe and healthy. Soon after you move in, go around your home and check all the air filters and clean them if necessary. It is imperative to do this every month during the summer months when your air conditioning is running more often.

Clean Your Dryer Vent

Dryer vents push air outside the property through a duct but can get filled with lint. The dryer vent often goes overlooked, but it is essential to clean your vents regularly. When lint builds up in the vent it will take longer for your laundry to dry properly. Failing to maintain your dryer vent can lead to expensive repairs and possible fire hazards.

Clean the Gutters

Check your gutters regularly to make sure they are properly attached to the house and clear of sticks and leaves, and other debris. You should also confirm the flow of water from your gutters is away from your home to avoid damage to your foundation.

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