Getting the Most of Your Attic Storage Space

May 20, 2021
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What can you do when your beautiful new home includes an attic? Well, for starters, sit back, relax, and read on!

We get it: attics can be a hassle. At least, climbing up to access them can be. For most pre-existing homes built decades ago, the attic is tiny, narrow, and cramped. The only way to reach it is by climbing a rickety stepladder that may or may not be in dire need of repairs. So with all of that making you nervous, what can you do when your beautiful new home includes an attic? Well, for starters, sit back, relax, and read on!

Figure Out How Much Room You Have 

First of all, it’s worth your time to determine just how much available attic space there is in the first place. For an existing attic, you’ll have to take some measurements. However, if you’re building your home from the ground up, you have more control over how big the attic space will be. Either way, talk to a home builder partner company.  Storage capacity and access methods are not the only concerns at play here; structural problems can also become issues. 

Reinforce the Floor If Necessary 

Reinforcing the floor of the attic sounds complicated, messy, and labor-intensive. It doesn’t need to be. This prospect is much simpler when you are building the house on an empty lot. That way, you won’t have to worry about modifying the current infrastructure of the house and potentially causing irreparable damage. Three-quarter-inch plywood boards add ample support, but in some cases, you’ll need a far sturdier floor system instead.

Fix Up the Attic As Needed

Homeownership carries many responsibilities with it. One of those duties is to ensure basic maintenance. Performing some timely repairs on your attic is well worth the investment of time, effort, and money. Patch up leaky roofs, fill in holes in the wall, clean out rodent droppings, and remove bird nests. Be on the lookout for any potentially frayed electrical wires since they can lead to catastrophic fire hazards if left neglected. 

Add Some Well-Placed Shelves

Another nifty addition to your attic is to set up some shelving units. Custom shelves, in particular, can be made to fit around the odd dimensions of gable windows and overhead rafters. Plus, the angle of the roof itself could present problems. Fortunately, you can build the shelves you need with common household materials such as plywood and particleboard. Alternatively, you could opt to use plastic or metal shelving for something more durable.

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