Five Ways to Integrate Wood Textures into Your Custom Kitchen

May 14, 2021
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Read on for five great ways to incorporate wood into your custom kitchen design.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen from scratch for your new custom home or just doing a remodel, the design choices you have to make are an exciting and possibly overwhelming prospect. A good place to start is choosing materials, and one kitchen material that is all but mandatory is wood. If it’s not making up the cabinets, it’s the countertops, table, floor, and more. Read on for five great ways to incorporate wood into your custom kitchen design.


One design style that relies heavily on wood is the rustic look. Rustic refers to a style that is rugged, natural, and seems almost unfinished. It lacks the smooth elements of many other design styles. Instead, it exhibits charm through organic, unpretentious earthiness. Wood in this style should be used in larger pieces, with prominent grain patterns – think wide-plank floors and countertops – or in craftsman style furniture.


In the art world, abstract refers to a style where shapes are used to represent things rather than to realistically render them. An abstract style would be achieved in kitchen design through unusual patterns and shapes and through bold colors. For instance, a hexagonal butcher block table or randomly arranged floating wood shelves and wood cabinets painted orange or purple are examples of ways to use wood to achieve an abstract kitchen design.

Modern and Sleek

Wood often feels like the rustic country choice, but it can also have modern stylings. Fine-grain woods painted or stained in cool tones fit the modern design perfectly. Remember that painting will mask the natural qualities of the wood. Even so, staining will let the wood grain show out– so if you want to retain that wood look more, stain instead of paint (you can still get sleek-looking colors with stain, even a very dark grey).


Wood offers a huge pallet of color and texture that you can juxtapose for visual interest. Pair light wood flooring with dark wood cabinets for drama, or place a wide, chunky grain pattern next to a smooth, fine grain for contrast. Having the different wood elements side by side is interesting but avoid going overboard, or it will become chaotic.

Unusual Locations

Finally, wood is a great material to use in unusual and surprising locations. We expect to see wood in a kitchen used for the island and furniture; a shiplap wall and parquet floor are surprising and interesting choices instead. Distinctive wood elements, like a highly textured block countertop, are certainly intriguing. Consider using the same grain pattern somewhere else surprising in the kitchen (like your mini home office) to unify the space.

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