Designing the Perfect Rooftop Deck

May 28, 2021
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A rooftop deck can be an attractive, chic addition to any home

A rooftop deck can be an attractive, chic addition to any home. Rooftop decks used to be reserved for fancy hotels and downtown bars, but their popularity in residential areas has increased over recent years. Whether it’s to take advantage of better views from this elevated vantage point or to gain more outdoor space on a small city lot, rooftop decks help sell homes and provide a great return on investment. If you are thinking about adding a rooftop deck to your home or renovating an existing one, here are some key things to consider.

Double Check Building Codes and Laws

Before you begin construction on your rooftop deck, you first need to be certain that you can add a deck onto your home or loft. Reach out to your local building department for detailed information on appropriate building codes, including if any zoning restrictions prohibit adding a deck to your flat roof. As rooftops increase in popularity, they are becoming more regulated. Design teams need to be well aware of the evolving rooftop code requirements to plan for successful rooftop spaces.

Choose the Right Material for Your Deck

Your choice of deck flooring is even more important for roof deck construction than it is for ground-level decks. Rooftop decks will be subject to harsher and prolonged exposure to the elements, including sun and wind. Not all flooring is well equipped for rooftop installations so make sure to do your research before making a selection. Synthetic boards are engineered to withstand heat and moisture, so they don’t fade, splinter, warp, or split. Additionally, they are much lighter than natural wood, making them a great choice for an outdoor rooftop space.

Consider What the Deck Will Be Used For

When designing your rooftop deck, you want to keep function in mind, as well as appearance. Make sure your deck is equipped with all of the fixtures and necessary furniture to enjoy your space. If you are creating an outdoor area for cooking and dining, you’ll want to equip the space with a BBQ and an outdoor dining table, in addition to other items to make it more convenient. If entertaining on your rooftop deck is more your style, then be sure to design the space accordingly with lots of seating and room for people to move around easily. Choose flexible furnishings, such as garden stools that can double as side tables or extra seating.

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