Buying or Building? Your Townhome Needs a Great Neighborhood

November 6, 2020
Buying or Building? Your Townhome Needs a Great Neighborhood

Either way, you will need to find a fantastic neighborhood in which to place your townhome.

Buying your new home is a vastly different experience from attempting to build one. Either way, you will need to find a fantastic neighborhood in which to place your townhome. You might have heard the mantra of “location, location, location” before – well there is a good reason why it matters so much. Real estate can be a tricky business to navigate, but when you have a dedicated custom home builder on your side, it doesn’t need to be too confusing!

Think About the Total Commute Time 

Now that telecommuting and working remotely have become a way of life, the commute time might not be as important as it once was. Even so, the factors of time and distance are still important – driving is difficult and can be dangerous, especially if you feel uncomfortable on highways due to a lack of overall experience. Driving to work and getting home can eat up valuable hours of your day that could otherwise be spent bonding with your family, which is why neighborhood placement relative to places you need to go on a regular basis is so important when it comes to manifesting your new townhome. 

Consider Available Amenities

Next, you will want to think about the nearby amenities that are available. Many rental properties offer business centers, gyms, pools, and playgrounds – but with gatherings discouraged right now, those amenities are likely to be neglected for the foreseeable future. Instead, focus on the restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment venues around you – you could be living in a particular neighborhood for years and still not have the time or inclination to explore everything around you – but figuring out transit time and operating hours, especially due to changes caused by the pandemic – is also hugely helpful. 

What Can You Do for Fun?

Along those same lines, find out what you can do for fun. Bike paths and walking trails are still easily accessible and a good idea for getting some fresh air and exercise while socially distancing from other people around you. Community swimming pools will probably still be open but will have restrictions on capacity and open hours, so do bear that in mind. 

How Easy Is It To Walk Around?

Even if you don’t have a dog, being able to take a walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your health and wellness. Home-renters and homebuyers alike deserve to have a nice, quiet neighborhood where they can feel comfortable going for a stroll. Where are the sidewalks, walking paths, and crosswalks? Not everyone has a car and public transit such as buses can be unreliable. So if you aren’t keen on always hailing ridesharing services through their ubiquitous apps, then having an easier time walking around will make your new townhome an even better place to be!  

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