Are You Ready to Purchase Your First Home?

December 2, 2020

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting milestone in anyone’s life. Let’s suppose that you’ve saved up for years in order to accumulate a down payment. Then, once that goal was achieved, you determined the best way to also save up in preparation for any future closing costs that you might not have foreseen. At the end of the day, you’re finally ready to purchase your first home! Some congratulations are in order! Now then, here are some considerations you should make a priority, whether you are planning on moving into a planned community or are choosing a lot for your very own custom home

Are You Ready to Purchase Your First Home?

At the end of the day, you’re finally ready to purchase your first home! Some congratulations are in order!

The Location of the House 

Real estate looks simple on the surface but can be tricky for those who are not in the know. It should go without saying that the location of the house matters, but as for first-time buyers, they might be more caught up in realizing their dreams than choosing something practical enough to make a reality. Resale value, property taxes, and school districts are distinguishing factors in what makes a “good” location for a new house. The commute to and from work can affect where you live, and even though working remotely or telecommuting is more common now, consider how far away you are from grocery stores, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. 

How You Spend Your Free Time 

Your free time is valuable, and you are allowed to enjoy yourself. Spending time with friends and family can be harder to do these days, but even so, there are ways to accomplish it. Applying this principle to your first home isn’t as complicated as it sounds, either – think about where to go shopping, where to go eat, where to plan a picnic in the park, or go hiking for some captivating nature photos. What you want to do with your free time will affect the selection of where your first home is going to be – and every home after that as well. 

How Much You Can Afford 

Your budget is the single most important element of buying a house. After all, you’ll likely need to factor in ground rent, property taxes, and steady mortgage payments. Living in a townhome can be a great idea if you don’t need a ton of space and want to keep maintenance costs down for the time being. 

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