4 Ways to Expand the Total Living Space in Your Custom Home

January 28, 2021
4 Ways to Expand the Total Living Space in Your Custom Home

Having a home to call your own is an exciting milestone in life.

Having a home to call your own is an exciting milestone in life. Becoming a homeowner is a challenge. Still, you can be immensely proud of yourself once it becomes a reality. Suppose that you can afford a custom home. What are some good ways to make more room in there than what the floor plan dictates? There’s no time like right now to find out more!

Address Unrealized Potential 

Wasted space is a common problem. Many homeowners don’t know how to get rid of clutter. Using under bed storage boxes or backs can make more effective use of the limited space you have in the bedroom. Try using blocks to lift the bottom of the bed frame off the ground. Another way to tap into your home’s coziness-potential is to get several baskets and position them all over the house. These neat baskets can be hidden underneath coffee tables or on top of kitchen cabinets to keep smaller items out of the way until they are needed.

Utilize Vertical Storage 

Because horizontal layouts are so standard, it’s easy to assume that a vertical configuration doesn’t make sense. An extra set of shelves that touch the ceiling (or are situated above the kitchen microwave) can work wonders in concealing the things you don’t need to use that frequently. This trick also works in laundry rooms, closets, and spare rooms that contain extra dresser drawers and bookshelves.

Have Furniture Pull Double-Duty 

Sometimes, you’ll have no choice but to get creative. One excellent way to pull this off is by having your furniture serve multiple purposes. Examples include:

  • Storage ottomans, built-in drawers for your bed
  • Small dressers as nightstands
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Murphy beds
  • Open bookshelves and storage headboards 

Think Outside the Box 

Thinking outside the box might sound like a trite saying, but the concept remains clever. Remove old trinkets and knick-knacks that don’t interest you and replace them with fun collectibles that reflect your hobbies and interests. Sideboards can double as entertainment centers for storing music, movies, and video games. Rethink what you have and what you wish you had – and in some cases, a new coat of paint and some updated hardware is enough of a change. 

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