4 Myths About Building a Custom Home

September 24, 2021
4 Myths About Building a Custom Home gnu homes

There are many myths about custom home building, and the process can be confusing.

For many people, designing and building a custom home is nothing more than a dream. The process of finding the right builder, choosing a floorplan, and furnishing the house can be a daunting task. There are many myths about custom home building, and before you get started with a builder, it’s a good idea to clear up any confusion. That way, you can ensure that you receive the best experience when you decide to build a home. Here are some common myths about building a custom home.

Building a Custom Home is too Expensive

In reality, the cost of building a new home is comparable to the price of a pre-existing residence. One way to keep expenses low is to work with a builder that provides a complete pricing list before work starts. You should begin your project by evaluating your budget and determining what you are able to afford when you factor in the cost of land, site development, and the materials and labor for building the house. Luckily, the costs of building a new home are usually more predictable than buying an existing home or remodeling, so it is possible to choose a design that meets both your budget and your needs.

Getting a Construction Loan is Difficult

Honestly, getting a construction loan is no more difficult than getting a home loan. If you work with a reputable builder, they can even offer financing options. Look for a builder that can help guide you through the entire process so that you don’t have to ask multiple banks. You can save time by choosing a builder with established relationships with the lenders, as not every lender offers construction loans.

Building a Custom Home Takes too Long

Many people assume that building a house from scratch takes much longer than buying a pre-existing home. However, working with an experienced builder can shorten the process of custom home building. Also, building a new home has an established timeline, and you can choose the floor plan, features, and amenities that best suit your budget and lifestyle.  Make sure you hire a builder who knows the area and has a network of connections that can streamline the building process.

I Have to Buy Land First

Some home builders have land and home packages you can choose from. And others will help you find a lot. But there’s no reason you have to purchase a piece of land before talking to a builder. In fact, you may want to consult your builder first since they will be more knowledgeable about the details of prospective properties for the construction of your new home.

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