4 Ideas for Incorporating Dual-Sided Fireplaces into Your Floor Plan

April 23, 2021
dual sided fireplaces gnu homes

Traditionally speaking, fireplaces serve as an anchor of the family room.

In a few weeks, it’s going to be May. After that, summer will be here sooner than you can blink. Despite all of that, there are still bound to be some unusually chilly days. When the wind is up, going outside isn’t as fun as it seems. That’s nothing to worry about, though – curl up in some blankets with the latest novel you’ve been reading and a steaming cup of tea. It’s also a fantastic time to light up your double-sided fireplace!

Putting It in the Family Room

Traditionally speaking, fireplaces serve as an anchor of the family room. After all, it could serve multiple purposes at once – cooking, comfort, and entertainment, for instance. Molded frame fireplaces are already spectacular, but they’re given a boost of elegance by exposed bricks. Take the layout to the next level by using oriental-style area rugs and wooden coffee tables.

Rearranging the Room Configuration

Let’s push that last point a bit further. Fire up your imagination and experiment with different room configurations. While your fireplace could still serve as a divider, it’s the color scheme that truly shines here. Different neutral colors can cool down the immediate space around the mantel and provide a pleasant contrast at the same time. 

Tying Several Rooms Together

Likewise, use your double-sided fireplaces as a way to connect the other rooms beyond them. Uniting a kitchen with the living room is often relatively simple; all you need is a pass-through cut out of the wall between them. Two-sided fireplaces take that concept and run with it. For one thing, your fireplace can anchor the great room while also lending warmth to the kitchen and smaller rooms behind it which might be out of sight at first glance.

Installing Custom-Designed Glass Fireplaces 

Most of the time, fireplaces are added to a home that didn’t already feature one. But bringing a custom home dream to life allows you to be more daring about your interiors. Custom-designed glass fireplaces use tinted glass. Although you might think they’re even more expensive, that’s not the case. The four-sided gas fireplace can actually save you more money than you expect. Plus, it’s another fabulous way to make the room feel futuristic and fun to spend time in!  

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