3 More Tips for Combating Clutter in Your Gorgeous Custom Home

January 22, 2021

When there is too much clutter inside your home, it can take its toll on your mental state. It’s hard to keep up with housework when you feel too tired to do anything about it. Besides, you want to use your free time to relax and wind down after another stressful day working, don’t you? That said, getting rid of clutter in your living space is essential, if it is only for your peace of mind. Reasonable levels of messiness are to be expected. Still, when it is everywhere, you’re probably going to feel overrun and inclined to do some domestic superheroes. But what if we told you that it wasn’t all your responsibility to do so? Here are some tips to help keep you level when you decide to eliminate some of your excess items. 

3 More Tips for Combating Clutter in Your Gorgeous Custom Home

When there is too much clutter inside your home, it can take its toll on your mental state. Try making your bed every morning!

Maintain a Donation Box or Two

First of all, keep a donation box at the ready. This advice may seem counterintuitive, but we promise it will make a big difference. If you just so happen to not have boxes available (such as when you don’t want to re-task moving boxes), then trash bags will do in a pinch. Ill-fitting clothes, extra shoes, and even unwanted holiday decorations and household items can be discarded responsibly. You should pay them forward instead of consigning them to the junk pile in the dumpster outside.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

From a certain point of view, making your bed every morning seems like a tedious waste of time. After all, what is the point if you will only crawl back into it once the day is done? Well, for one thing, it helps stoke your motivation. Even if you are more of a night owl than an early-bird, a small habit like this can put you on the right track. 

Clean Up Your Kitchen 

A dirty kitchen is a problem for many busy households. Likewise, suppose everyone under your roof is busy working full-time or has been dealing with health issues (both mental and physical) lately. In that case, it is far more likely for dirty dishes to pile up and get out of hand. This situation is even worse when your dishwasher doesn’t work properly, either because it won’t start or flood the counter when you run it. Still, some grit and determined effort go a long way; cleaning up your kitchen is simple. Clean up as soon as you are done cooking. Then, clean up after yourself when a meal is finished. Hang onto the same water glass or coffee mug that you plan to use throughout the day to prevent another piece of clutter from happening. Finally, be sure to load up the dishwasher before you retire at bedtime.

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