3 Easy Ways to Plan an Epic Staycation in Your New Home

April 9, 2021
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Have you ever wanted to take an extended vacation and unplug? Time for a staycation!

Isolating yourself at home can be hard to do. Even if you proclaim yourself the world’s greatest introvert, wanderlust can get the best of you, especially if you’re now fully vaccinated. The advent of “vaccine passports” will make it easier for you to travel abroad. But who says that you need to spend the money? You could just as easily have a grand old time in your very own home. Have you ever wanted to take an extended vacation and unplug? Just stay put!

Complete Your Chores Now Rather than Later

Are you the type of person who feels guilty about leaving chores for later? Procrastination seems like a simple way to enjoy some quality relaxation time. Still, it’s not worth the stress that hits you later. Complete your chores and get them out of the way. You owe it to yourself. Maybe all you need to do is the bare minimum – washing the linens, dusting all surfaces, and doing some light vacuuming. Take your staycation to-do list to the next level – clean your windows, too! You can also hire a housekeeping service who can pick up the slack. 

Get Comfy – REALLY Comfy 

When everything is clean, your home feels like it belongs to you. After all, who wants to be crowded out by gross messes and excessive clutter? Go the extra mile and make yourself at home – even more – in a few simple steps. First of all, play around with the lighting fixtures. Soft and ambient lights can help set the mood for a date night with your significant other. They’ll also help you get some better sleep if your plan is to take longer naps. Get rid of old rugs that have worn out their welcome, both literally and figuratively. New area rugs and cozy floor pillows can help give you another boost of staycation dopamine that approaches hygge-levels of zen. 

One more thing – clean your bedsheets. Your laundry room will be your best friend because you can lay down fresh sheets and stretch out clean pillowcases. Have you had your eye on a weighted blanket? Go ahead and treat yourself because you deserve it! 

Arrange Spaces to Wind Down

We’ll give you one last piece of parting advice: set up relaxation zones inside your house. This tactic can benefit everyone living with you – your spouse, your in-laws, kids, and pets. Everybody needs some quiet time to recharge, and that’s where a staycation really shines.

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